VETIA INTERNATIONAL is present on the cassava starch market since 2010. Our cassava, cultivated for its tuberous roots rich in starch, originates from Vietnam.
This starch is a product resulting from the transformation of the manioc, it brings a long, flexible and creamy texture, it is neutral in taste and in color. Our product is characterized by its round and creamy organoleptic profile as well as its gelatinization temperature of approximately 70°C.

Our Markets

Food application:

Cassava starch contributes to a healthy and sustainable diet.
It meets consumers' expectations, generally used as
thickening and stabilizing binder in foods such as :
beverages, cookies, confectionery, cold cuts, pasta, dairy products...

Non-food application:

Textile industry

Paper industry

Cardboard factory 

Our range of products:

  • Native starch

  • Pre-gelled starch

  • Chemically modified starch (E1442-E1422-E1414-E1450...)

  • Maltodextrin

  • Resistant starch

Did you know :

To try cassava starch is to adopt it.
In your low-fat dairy preparations, it will give you the creaminess and smoothness that you loose when using skimmed milk.
Cassava starch is a starch that is similar to waxy corn starch in its characteristics.
Cassava starch is your best asset for successful sauces, mayonnaises and cheese preparations.